Where the future meets the past….

Archaeological & historical AR & VR content creation and distribution.

Red Branch creates both Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality tours of ancient landscapes & monuments and historic buildings for mobile devices.

From a 5 minute VR taster tour, to a 1 hour self-guided AR or VR on-site experience, Red Branch deliver experiences which allow the visitor to immerse themselves in history in ways previously unimagined.

Using your own mobile device, our apps deliver a unique combination of historically accurate, captivating narrative and stunning Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality CGI.

The result is a fully immersive on-site tour experience which leaves the visitor feeling that they have genuinely been transported back in time, seeing the buildings, rooms and landscapes as they appeared in their prime and discovering the stories of those who lived there.

About us.

Established in early 2018, Red Branch is an award-winning partnership between the immersive technology specialists at Sentireal and the No.1 Belfast tour company DC Tours.

The result is a team of programmers, developers and designers at the cutting edge of AR / VR development in Northern Ireland, and historians, archaeologists and professional tour guides who all share a common goal; to create the most accurate, enriching and immersive self-guided tour experience a visitor could hope to experience.

The broad range of knowledge, skills and experience in our team allows us to take even the briefest concept or idea and create and deliver a complete, educational and immersive tour experience.

Our work.

Due to launch in December 2018, our first two mixed reality tours will be available for IoS devices from Apple’s App store.  The tours are of two of the finest archaeological sites in County Down, Northern Ireland: the Cistercian Monastery at Grey Abbey and the Early Irish Christian settlement at Nendrum.

The aim of our apps is to  encourage potential visitors to seek out and discover places they want to visit, and then once they arrive, to become fully immersed and discover it’s history in ways previously unimagined.

Included in the apps are 5 minute VR taster tours where guests can learn about the history of the site and surrounding area before making their trip.  Using drones with 360 degree panoramic cameras we have created fully immersive VR location and tour introductions which can be viewed anywhere in the world.

Once at the site, the user can fully immerse themselves in a 45 minute Augmented Reality tour.  The app becomes their guide, directing them around the site, and delivering expert commentary and historically accurate CGI which aligns perfectly to the modern day ruins.  It allows them to spend as much time as they wish at a set number of information points around the site, and to start and pause the tour as they wish.

The visitor can even take photographs of themselves in the CGI enhanced setting to create a truly unique reminder of their trip or to share with friends.

The apps also have additional functionality for both the user and the app owner…


To encourage visitors to spend more time in specific areas we can also incorporate maps and directories into our apps.  These can include other sites of specific interest, nearby attractions and tours, local accommodation, transport options and even recommendations for food and drink.  Users can create favourite lists from the Directory and ultimately devise their own itineraries, tours and trails.

Data capturing & reporting

Red Branch apps can also capture and live report a range of anonymised user actions and behaviours, from locations visited including times and dates, to time spent and routes taken. With end user agreement this information can then be shared with the site owner or tourism body to allow further insight into guest behaviours and therefore programme development to further enhance the visitor experience.


Red Branch’s technology can be used to enhance the tour experience for visitors to a whole range of visitor attractions, and we are happy to discuss possible collaborations and solutions with site managers, local government tourism bodies, tour operators, museums and destination management companies. If you would like to explore how Red Branch can assist you in taking your visitor experience to the next level then just drop us a line on the form below.

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